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Jane Haigh

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Jane lives near Lincoln. Her inspiration comes from her love of animals and the surrounding countryside. Painting in acrylics and oils, her style is vibrant, and she aims to capture the character of her subject. She enjoys portraying movement in animals too. Commissions are welcome so if you would like your pet painting, feel free to get in touch. Original art and prints are available.

Greetings cards are printed in Lincoln.

Item DescriptionPrice
Hippie Longwool card£2.60
Happy Birthday to Ewe card£2.60
Lola Birthday card£2.60
Stag card£2.60
Happy Birthday to Moo card£2.60
Fox Cub card£2.60
Hare card£2.60
Fox card£2.60
Thinking of you card£2.60
Longwool Ladies card£2.60
Thank EWE card£2.60
EWE are on in a mill card£2.60
Lincoln red lovelies card£2.60
I love EWE card£2.60
Rainbow longwool card£2.60
Frog card£2.60
Bee card£2.60
Merry Christmas Duck card£2.60
Wish Moo Merry Christmas card£2.60
Christmas Hare card£2.60
Christmas Cow card£2.60
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