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Hill Holt Wood

Hill Holt Wood operates in the local community to provide a wide range of different services; education and training to 14-19 year olds, adult education courses, countryside and forestry management, the provision of ‘green space’ (for those suffering mental health issues), natural burials, wedding and special occasions and maintaining countryside walks.

Providing a social, economic and environmental return is at the hearth of everything we do at Hill Holt Wood and our products are made with wood sourced from our sustainable forestry operations where we use low impact thinning to open up small pockets of woodland to encourage biodiversity. We know exactly where our wood comes from because we fell it ourselves, process it ourselves and craft it ourselves. So you can be assured that you are supporting ethical practice.

As a social enterprise our profits are not passed onto to shareholders, instead we invest in our charity to allow us to contribute to positive societal and environmental change.

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